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In the clinical IoT integration, the Vital Information Portal (VIP), which integrates various clinical medical equipment and physiological measurement equipment, automatically retrieves the data and uploads the data to the medical specialist system of Maya’s Information , Timely and accurate records of clinical data, to enhance clinical care applications.

Applicable Equipments


Automatically receive Dialyzer data, such as: ultrafiltration rate, dialysate flow rate, and clearance, blood flow rate, dialysate temperature, venous pressure, dialysis time, blood pressure ... and so on.

Hemodialysis management system features: appointment management, dialysis records, physician order entry, dialyzer data, central monitor, report for inquiries and statistics, join hospital information system data.


Automatically receive Ventilator data, such as: Ventilator mode, Tidal Volume set/ monitor, Ventilator rate set/total, Inspiratory Time/I:E ratio, Pressure Peak/ Plateau, Pressure Mean/ PEEP, Low M.V alarm/ Paw alarm, Sensitivity(Pressure/ flow)... and so on.

Respiratory care management system features: patient management, Ventilator data, clinical records of Ventilator Weaning, Chest Physical Therapy, respiratory care, , join hospital information system data.


Automatically receive Anesthesia data, such as: NIBP, A-LINE, CVP, HR, BT, RR, ETCO2, SPO2, TV, O2, AIR, type of Anesthetic gas, concentration of Anesthetic gas... and so on.

Anesthesia clinical integration management system, mainly including preoperative, perioperative and postoperative three parts; 1.Preoperative evaluation and preparation for anesthesia and surgery, 2. Monitoring and recording maintenance of acceptable physiology during the perioperative period, 3. Conducting a post anesthesia evaluation, assessing patients for sequelae from anesthetic interventions and arranging for appropriate follow-up.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatically receive and upload data, such as SBP, DBP, MAP, Pulse.

Patient Monitor

Automatically receive and upload data, such as NIBP, SPO2, Pulse, ECG, RR, Temp, ETCO2.

Body Height and Weight Scale

Automatically receive and upload Body Height and Weight data.


Automatically receive and upload data, such as IOP, adjusted IOP, CCT.

Blood Purification Devices

Automatically receive and upload data, such as , blood flow rate, dialysate flow rate, per-dilution flow rate, venous pressure.

The device delivers all therapy modalities of CRRT and therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE), including: CVVHDF, CVVHD, CVVH.

Noninvasive Cardiac monitor

Automatically receive and upload data, such as CO、CI、SVV、SV、SVR、FTC.

System Architecture and Features

  • It's easy to achieve the integration of physiological information, low cost and the least impact on original system.
  • Enhances security and accuracy of information, so improves the quality of medical care and work efficiency.
  • It can record the time of patient's treatment to achieve effective management for hospital.
  • Provide paperless operation to reduce waste of resources and implement environmental protection.
  • For the individual instruments to provide automatic upload the parameters of output of instrument.
  • Use standard exchange format (HL7) of medical information.
  • Upload data via the network (Wi-Fi, Ethernet).
  • Up to 4 hours without power supply. Contains storage device to store data over 24 hours continually.
  • Use VIC (Vital Information Console) to manage data of remote VIP (optional).
  • You can input patient ID via barcode reader, smart card reader or key in.
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